Monday, April 13, 2020

The Grove Grizzly
Calling All Grove Students and Families!!!
As you have hopefully seen, the Grove Staff have been creating some special features for our students each Monday on the morning announcements. We want students to contribute for next week! Mr. Root and the Grove staff are asking students to submit a video of them dancing. Short clips will be used to make one big fun Grove dancing music video.
Here is a link to a video describing the "challenge":
And here is a link to the Google Form where you can submit their video clip:
Due date for entries is Wednesday, April 15, and we'll air the video on Monday, April 20th, in the announcements!
Main Office Assistance
If you need assistance from the main office this week, you may call the main office line on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Office staff will also be available via email each weekday. If you need assistance outside of those times, please contact Mrs. Matthews directly on weekdays at 224-254-3958 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. or email Mrs. Matthews directly at any time
Distance Learning Schedule Note
As communicated by Dr. Harris last week, this Thursday, April 16th will be No School for students. Under the Illinois State Board of Education guidelines for Remote Learning Days, school district staff can use up to five school days to work on Remote Learning Day Plans in partnership with their collective bargaining units. In Barrington 220 we plan to use one of these days on Thursday, April 16. This day will serve as a virtual professional development day for staff. Students will not receive any assignments on this day. Instead, they can use the time to catch up on school work and learning activities. As the closure continues, we may need to use additional days for this purpose. 
As we all navigate this uncertain time, we understand many students and their families may face difficult situations. We will continue to use every Monday as a social emotional learning (SEL) day. This is a day when teachers will share a lesson that focuses on the health and well-being of their students, instead of only focusing on academic lesson plans. Previously, we were sending out three activities for students to complete on these days, however, students are now only required to complete one. Students may still complete additional optional activities that are provided to them by staff or go back to the week prior to complete optional activities, catch up on assignments, or complete additional special activities! It is always a great day to read as well!
Distance Learning Grading Guidelines
Last week, Dr. Harris shared information regarding how Remote Learning Days will impact student grades. Please be sure to review the document and contact Mrs. Matthews or your child’s teacher with any questions.
Summer School Information
Online registration for all summer school programs, including 220BOSS, is open. We are excited to launch our 220BOSS or Barrington Online Summer School program for elementary students this summer to extend additional learning opportunities to our children during the summer months. This optional program is in addition to our regular summer school options, which are housed at Roslyn, Rose, and Sunny Hill. 
The  220BOSS Course Description document linked here and our summer school website explain the details and expectations of the program as well as our typical summer school programs.
Upcoming Dates
March 30th- April 30 – Distance Learning  
Thursday, April 16th – No School for Students, Staff Institute Day


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