Friday, September 18, 2020

Our first week of MAP Testing with students in grades 2nd-5th was very successful! Thank you to all of our families for your collaboration with the COVID screening process and pick-up and drop-off of students! We will be finishing the reading assessments at the beginning of the next week with 5th grade and look forward to bringing students in again for the math tests starting on Wednesday. 

Attendance Reminders

Please remember that student attendance during remote learning is being taken and does count towards the students’ attendance record for the 2020-2021 school year. Teachers are taking attendance each day during their class meetings, which are mandatory. It is important that all students join their class meeting everyday on time! Class meetings begin at 8:30 a.m.! Please make sure that your child is present and ready to go for the day at the start of the class meeting. If a child is sick and not able to attend for the day, parents need to log the student’s absence in IC or call the main office to report the absence. If there is an instance that a student will be late, such as a doctor or dentist appointment, parents can also log this in IC or call the office, as we are still documenting tardies and late arrivals to class.   

Barrington 220 Steps for Return to In-Person Learning 

At the Sept. 15 Board of Education meeting, Dr. Harris shared a presentation on the metrics which will be used to determine when large groups of students can return to in-person learning. Based on recommendations from a district committee which consulted with medical and public health professionals, Barrington 220 will use five metrics. Each metric will help determine which of the four steps (see above) the district is in currently. Please visit the district dedicated webpage to view an explanation of the metrics and a weekly update of the district status with the metrics. Based on our current standing, the district has determined a timeline for shifting to a potential hybrid model of in-person learning and remote learning. 


Next two weeks: Finalize Hybrid plan for each level 

Oct. 6th Board Meeting: Share district’s metric status and Hybrid plans 

Oct. 7th - Oct. 20th: 

  • Conduct family survey (Distance Learning or Hybrid) 

  • Resolve operational and staffing issues 

Oct. 20th Board Meeting: Verify Metrics 

Oct. 26th: “Target” Hybrid start date for all levels 

Click here to view the full guide to D220 metrics for return to in-person learning

New Classroom Addition to Replace Mobile Classrooms at Grove 

At its September 15th meeting, Board members discussed the appropriate location for the district’s elementary classroom addition. 

As you may recall, one of the major referendum projects is eliminating the mobile classrooms at Grove Avenue. However, the Board never indicated at which elementary school a new classroom addition would be constructed. 

When considering building design, estimated construction costs, student enrollment, and school boundary assignments, Grove is the recommended choice for the elementary classroom addition. 

The district is beginning elementary referendum work at Grove in order to prioritize safety and security at our building, which includes the elimination of the mobile classrooms. Design work on all other elementary schools will happen in phases, tentatively scheduled to begin January 2021. 

Remote Book Check-Out

We have begun our remote book checkout process this week with 3rd - 5th grades and many students have already received their books!! We look forward to all students taking advantage of this opportunity in order to get books in students’ hands  and continue nightly reading practices throughout the year!! I have left the process for the check-out process below for your information for one more week!! 

  • Students in 3rd to 5th grade have been taught to put books on hold using Destiny Discover. 

  • The library staff will pull the books and email the parents to let them know books are ready for pick up

  • Books will be put in brown paper bags labeled with the student’s name, grade, class and be placed on tables in the front foyer of the school.

  • Parents may pick up books Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM- 3:00 PM.

  • Bins are in the foyer under the tables to collect returned books when students are done reading.

  • When a routine is established for 3rd-5th grade students, students in K-2 will be taught how to select books for curbside pickup from a choice menu for personal selection. Books are being sent home with K & 1 students in their supply pick-ups to get them started!!!

COVID-19 Symptoms Screening System Rollout

We have started using an electronic version of the COVID-19 Symptom Screener prior to students entering our building. This system replaced the paper-based system for students that we used during Meet the Teacher. Parents can use a cell phone, iPad, or computer to visit, log in, and complete the survey. Be sure to click SUBMIT after answering each of the questions!! Upon students’ arrival to school they will hold up their bus tag to be scanned and school staff will be able to immediately determine whether or not students can be permitted to enter the building. Directions for using the new system are included below!! Please note, the screening must be completed the morning of the student attendance, if it is completed the night before, it does not count for the next day and will need to be redone!! 


Parent Instructions (English & Spanish) 


Short Video (English) (Spanish)


1-page PDF  (English)  (Spanish)


Please also be sure to make sure you are familiar with our visitor protocol for this year, should you need to come to the building for any reason! 




Upcoming Dates 

Monday, September 21st – 5th Grade MAP Reading Assessment (Bergquist, Moid, Sricharmorn) 

Tuesday, September 22nd – 5th Grade MAP Reading Assessment (Hurst, Rodrigo) 

Wednesday, September 23rd - 4th Grade MAP Math Assessment (Chang, McKeown)

Thursday, September 24th - 4th Grade MAP Math Assessment (Alfaro, Breidenbach, Scherpelz)

Friday, September 25th - 3rd Grade MAP Math Assessment

Monday, September 28th - 5th Grade MAP Math Assessment (Hurst, Rodrigo) 

Tuesday, September 29th -  2nd Grade MAP Math Assessment

Wednesday, September 30th - 5th Grade MAP Math Assessment (Bergquist, Moid, Sricharmorn) 

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