Friday, February 12, 2021

 Tips for Making Asynchronous Learning Work For Your Child

Tip #1 - Set up clear expectations.  Now is a great time to set up how this time will go.  Explain clearly where your child or children will work, when they can interrupt a caregiver for help, how siblings should (or should not) interact during this time.  You can reinforce your high expectations for their school work while also acknowledging that this is new and challenging, and that you are learning together.  You may also wish to let them know when they can expect to have time with you or a trusted caregiver.  Sometimes asking for help is really asking for attention.  Having a set time for talking and connecting can sometimes alleviate these frequent requests.  Students should also know how they can communicate with their classroom teacher if they need assistance or aren’t sure of what to do.

It’s never too late for a fresh start, and while it can be challenging to establish new systems or routines, it can be done.  If we continue to reinforce our new normal daily, soon students will develop the desired habits and become more independent with their work. This might sound like;

I know you want lots of hugs during the day.  Let’s have lunch together.  I’ll turn off my work stuff/call you at home so we can chat and eat.  I’ll need to be working the rest of the morning though, so if you have a question you can message your teacher okay?  Or we’ll talk about it later.  Just do your best.  

Or I know it’s challenging to be doing all of this learning on your own.  I can check in with you when I get home from work.  Let’s see what tools your teacher has given to help you.  What questions do you have about this schedule/checklist?  What can I do to support you?

Social Emotional Support for Students 

As our students continue to navigate our consistently changing landscape due to COVID 19, we are continuously considering how our children are coping and their overall mental health. Please know that our school and district are here to support our students who are struggling and may benefit from additional resources. Please see the attached letter regarding this and view the short video explaining how families can access the online META app that is also available to connect students with counselors while at home. Please also keep in mind that parents can contact our school based support directly by emailing our Social Worker, Mr. Walcott, at or our School Psychologist, Tonya Tompkins-Wisz, at

Upcoming Dates 

Monday, February 15th - Presidents’ Day, NO SCHOOL for Students 

Tuesday, February 16th - Grove PTO Meeting via Zoom, 9:00 a.m. 

Monday, March 1st - Family Reading Program Kick-Off 

Monday, March 1st - 5th grade boys basketball game at home vs. Rose

Tuesday, March 2nd - 5th grade girls basketball game at home vs. Rose 

Thursday, March 4th - 5th grade boys basketball game at home vs. Hough 

Thursday, March 4th - Virtual Parent University, Cultivating Resilience During COVID-19 @ 7 p.m. 

Friday, March 5th - 5th grade girls basketball game at home vs. Hough 

Monday, March 8th - Speech Tournament, 4:00-6:15 p.m. 

Tuesday, March 9th  - Speech Tournament, 4:00-6:15 p.m. 

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