Saturday, October 23, 2021


District Cross Country Meet Participants 

Congratulations to all of the Grove students who participated in the Districtwide Cross Country Meet for 5th graders and Fun Run for students in Grades K-4! All of our participants are listed below!!!


5th Grade Girls 

Penelope Smith - 7th Place Female Runner Districtwide

Isabelle Taylor 

Siena Venuto 

Aratrika Singh 

Quinnlan Khorzad

Mavis Heffernan 

Auden Khorzad

Edith Heffernan 

Ellen Renaud 

5th Grade Boys

Ryan Parenti - 5th Place Male Runner Districtwide

Tyler Boulos 

Logan Gent

Sebastian Andrews 

Isiah Gonzalez 

Carter Crosson 

Dylan Mazgaj

Isaac Elizade 

Aiden Kurzawski 

Saahil Dalvi 

Jahaan Verandani 

Agastya Kandikonda 

Austin Yeh 

Arith Viswanath 

Shon Pottow

1/2 Mile Participants Grades K - 4

Kayla Kiss, Brooklyn Cleys, Molly Vlaming, Jocelyn Wang, Amelia Billen, Yovita Zymancius, Margaret Dever, Kennedy Cornwell, Emely Diaz, Lynn Hanaishi, Vivian Eustice, Priya Dhillon, Emmie Hunt, Laiqa Patel, Layla Cabana, Manya Nerkar, Lucy Oryszczak, Sareena Desai, Leela Upadhyay, Reese Erickson, Claire Duncan, Keena Desai, Emma Faherty, Naomi Breckan, Olivia Sarantopoulos, Emery Szabo, Hadley Chapman, Evelyn Williams, Natalie Giusti, GyuYeon Lee, Anagha Kandikonda, Sarah Rajendram, Amayah Mehanti, Maanya Varandani, Kathleen Dever, Emma Plackal, Diya Yadla 

Joey Sukel, Weston Eustice, Max Bosch, Owen Redlich, Leo Billen, Chris Ortiz, Carter Redlich, John Black, Sam Cohen, Hank Vlaming, Isaiah Feffer, Haydon Pope, Dante Torres, Arjun Tran, Eli Cohen, Matthew Ortiz, Vincent Petrov, Jimmy Urbaszewski, Samuel Rajendram, Georgie Urbaszewski, Joel Plackal, Michael McGivern, Shlok Patel, Om Shah

Erin’s Law Presentations

Our School Psychologist, Tonya Tompkins-Wisz, will be starting our Erin’s Law presentations with classes during the first week of November. There will be one lesson per class and it might take into December for her to go into each classroom in the school. Erin’s Law requires schools to teach children, at age appropriate levels, about personal body safety. Please be sure to click on the link to our official letter regarding Erin’s Law to learn more about the Law and what will be covered in the lessons. Please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Tompkins-Wisz or Mrs. Matthews directly if you have questions after reading the letter. 

Halloween Celebration Reminders

We are looking forward to having a great Halloween this year at Grove! Below is information regarding our Halloween festivities. 

Lunch: Please be sure to complete the Halloween Lunch Plans Google Form as soon as possible in order to indicate whether or not your child will be going home or staying at school for lunch on Halloween!


Celebration Details: Details regarding costumes, the parade, and volunteers for parties, as well as, a schedule for the festivities for the day were shared in last week’s Grizzly and can be accessed by clicking on the link to Halloween celebration details

Volunteers: All volunteers who are attending our Halloween parties must either provide proof of vaccination or submit a negative COVID Test (within 7 days prior) to be permitted to enter our classrooms. In addition, just as we always have done, we require volunteers to provide state identification to also be run through our Visit-U system in the main office. We strongly encourage our volunteers to stop by the main office before Friday in order to do this, as we can then have visitors’ badges prepared ahead of time and visitors can gain access to the building to set-up for parties immediately. Please know that if you are volunteering and do not do this ahead of time, there may be a wait as we process this information for each volunteer attempting to enter the building. 

Bully Prevention Month Continues 

We had great participation in our Unity Day this past week! Check out a few photos from the day at the end of this post!

Classes are continuing to have conversations about Bully Prevention this week. We will be talking about kindness, inclusion, and the difference between Bullying and Conflict. In addition to saying the “Pledge of Allegiance” and “The Power of One Pledge” each day, our students also say “Grove’s Pledge”, which addresses how we should resolve conflict when it occurs. I have included the Grove Pledge below for your information. 

Grove’s Pledge 

We pledge to keep Grove Avenue School a safe place. 

Our Grove Family resolves differences through talking, not fighting. 

We care for, protect and respect one another’s person, property, and feelings. 

Conversations with students throughout the month have also included what to do if they or someone they know is experiencing bullying. This includes standing up for themselves, standing up for others, and reporting bullying. We highly encourage students to report directly to staff members with whom they are comfortable, however, we also know that students may also be reporting to their parents. As a result, we ask that parents approach staff either in person, by phone, or email and describe an incident so that we may respond accordingly. We do recognize that bullying, especially as students get older, may not be reported using these traditional channels of communication. As a result, I have included a link to our district page regarding bullying, where there is also a place for bullying to be reported. 



  • The online Book Fair will still be available for families to order through October 26th. Online orders will be shipped directly to your home.

  • Decorated Garden Stones should be returned this week on either Monday or Tuesday. Please bring the stones to the Grove Avenue side of the building. There will be signs indicating where to drop them.

  • Please send your child to school with extra masks in their backpack!!! 

  • All students need to be in their classrooms by 8:00 a.m. If your child arrives at 8:00 a.m. or after, you must come into the main office with your child to sign them in for the day

Upcoming Dates

Monday, October 25th - Drop off decorated Garden Stones 

Tuesday, October 26th - Online Book Fair Closes 

Tuesday, October 26th - Drop off decorated Garden Stones 

Friday, October 29th - Halloween Parade and Halloween Parties to follow 

Wednesday, October 3rd - Tae Kwon Do after school program begins! Must register to attend!

Thursday, November 4th - End of 1st Trimester 

Friday, November 5th - No School for Students, Teacher Institute Day 

Sunday, November 7th - Daylight Savings Time Ends, Clocks Fall Back 

Tuesday, November 16th - November PTO Meeting, 9:15 a.m., Dr. Hunt to Join Meeting!

Tuesday, November 23rd - Report Cards Posted in IC

Wednesday, November 24th - No School, Thanksgiving Break 

Thursday, November 25th - No School, Thanksgiving

Friday, November 26th - No School, Thanksgiving Break

W. Kim Tae Kwon Do’s Program’s 6 Step Character Development Program

1. Why you should be a good student.

2. Why you must think for yourself and not follow the crowd.

3. Learning Skills: Focus your eyes, Focus your ears, Focus your Body, Focus your mind application.

4. How to deal with a Bully. Communication Skills.

5. Why you should never be a bully.

6. A, B's and C's of conflict avoidance.

Click on the link to Register on RevTrak or use the QR code above!!

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