Friday, November 4, 2022

Thank you to all of our room parents who planned and facilitated our Halloween Parties this past week! Also, thank you to our parents who donated items for the parties, volunteered at the parties, and came out to cheer on our students at the parade on Monday. Our students had a blast and it was a great day of celebrating and having fun together as a school! 

Also, thank you to our parents and teachers who joined me on Thursday evening for our Community Book Study! It was such a nice evening together talking about belonging and what we can do as a community of parents and teachers in the spirit of belonging for all! 

Health Office Update

I am so thrilled to share that our permanent nurse, Laurie Brierton, returned to Grove on Thursday! We missed her dearly over the past 6 months while she was recovering, and we are so happy to have her back! Our school spent time on Thursday celebrating her and welcoming her home to our Grove Community! It was an amazing day of collective joy to see her in the health office at Grove on Thursday!  

GROVE Cold Weather Procedures

Our weather is starting to shift and get colder with frost on the ground earlier this week, so we want to make sure parents are aware of our procedures for students being outside as it gets cold! During the winter months, our students will go outside for recess as much as possible. If the temperature or wind chill is zero degrees or below the students will remain inside for recess. When the wind chill or temperature is above zero students will be outside. As a result, please be sure to send your children to school fully dressed to be outside for recess. It is also recommended that students bring layers such as sweatshirts and sweaters to take on and off throughout the day. Please be sure to put your child’s name somewhere on all items so that they can easily be identified and returned to students if they drop them or lose them in the school! 

I am hopeful that snow will not be upon us for a while, but wanted to share our procedures for recess when there is snow. In order for students to play in the snow at school, they must have a winter coat, snow pants, boots, gloves, and a hat or earmuffs, as we want them to stay dry and be able to return to the classroom in the afternoon and concentrate on learning. We will try to have extra items for students at school in case they forget, but it is beneficial for students to bring all of these items each day during the winter so they are prepared no matter what. When there is enough snow on the ground, students will be able to participate in sledding at school, so they must be properly dressed! In addition, students should have a pair of gym shoes to wear during the school day while in class and in order to participate safely in P.E. each day. 

Barrington 220 Inclement Weather Protocol

Information was sent out this week from the district regarding our Cold Weather Protocols for winter. Please click on the link to view the official district Inclement Weather Webpage for details regarding our procedures. A few basic details that I want to highlight and make sure parents are aware of are listed below: 

  • School closings due to inclement weather or other unusual circumstances will be announced on the district website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Families will also receive a text, phone call and email through the Infinite Campus automated emergency notification system.

  • There are three potential scenarios that will be implemented in the event of inclement weather:

    • School Canceled: All school buildings will be closed and students will make up the inclement weather day at the end of the school year. 

    • Early Dismissal: There may be some rare occasions where it will be necessary to dismiss school early. On these days, middle and high schools will dismiss first. Elementary school students will be released at their regular dismissal time. 

    • e-Learning: All school buildings will be closed, however, students and staff will complete the school day from home. This would eliminate the need to make up days at the end of the school year. Teachers will check their usual electronic communication methods throughout the day during regular school hours, to support students. Students will have five (5) school days to complete their assigned work for the day and receive additional assistance from their teacher as needed. 

      • Elementary Schools/ELC: Early childhood through fifth-grade children will have access to their assignments through their teacher’s usual electronic communication method of See-Saw or Schoology, and/or will follow their IEP eLearning plan. Additionally, kindergarten through fifth-grade students will receive assignments for Specials (art, music, physical education, library, and STEM) that they would typically have for the day from their teachers. 


  • Erin’s Law Presentations are going on in classes in October and November. Please be sure to click on the link to our official letter regarding Erin’s Law to learn more about the Law and what will be covered in the lessons.

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, November 8th - NO SCHOOL, Election Day 

Thursday, November 10th - Donuts with a Grown-Up, 7:00 a.m. 

Tuesday, November 15th - PTO Meeting. 9:15 a.m. in the MPR  

Tuesday, November 22nd - Report Cards Available to Parents in Infinite Campus  

Wednesday, November 23rd - NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break 

Thursday, November 24th - NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Day! 

Friday, November 25th - NO SCHOOL, Thanksgiving Break

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